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The Baroque Beauty Center Academy

At the Baroque Beauty Center Academy, located in Las Vegas Nevada, we pride ourselves on providing the most professional and advanced classes to train you how to become a permanent makeup and Microblading professional. Our hands-on training and one-on-one instruction give you the most direct experience and education so you can begin your career in the world of permanent makeup. High standards in permanent makeup education, education taught in a professional setting, and one-on-one attention by expert teachers is what you will receive at Baroque Beauty Center Academy.

Become a Baroque Beauty Center Academy certified technician and enjoy working in a field you love, where you can create your own schedule, enjoy a significant income, and make a positive difference in the lives of your clients.

3-Day Classic Microblading Course

Microblading is a natural-looking, semi-permanent makeup procedure that turns even the sparsest, uneven and misshapen eyebrows into gorgeous, perfectly arched ones, with results lasting one to three years. The procedure saves women countless hours of makeup application and stays on perfectly even while sweating at the gym or going for a swim.

After completing your course at Baroque Beauty Center Academy, you will now have the opportunity to empower people to feel beautiful, make your own hours, and earn significant income in a field you’re passionate about!

Classes are kept small to maximize that “one-on-one” teacher-student instruction. You’ll get an in-depth, broad look at the permanent makeup industry, do’s and don’ts, basic to advanced 3D eyebrow tattoo techniques and the latest safety standards.

3-Day Classic Microblading Academy Include:

  • Artistry of the Brow
  • Client Consultation – Proper evaluation of Clients
  • Artistry of shaping eyebrows and using natural hair patterns to create realistic strokes
  • Basic to Advanced Eyebrow shaping techniques
  • Recommended patterns for different ethnicities and facial shapes
  • Microblading before and aftercare guidelines
  • Touch-up guidelines
  • Color Theory
  • Matching any skin tone
  • Learn about pigment types and colors, ingredients, and proper mixing
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Keeping your station clean and sterile according to Health Department regulations
  • Equipment safety and proper handling procedures
  • Medical Information – possible issues preventing procedures
  • Microblading Equipment use and safety procedures
  • Microblading Kit
  • A deluxe kit that includes all the microblading tools and accessories you will need to complete your Microblading course
  • Certificate
  • Certificate of completion of your Microblading course signed by qualified Master Instructors

Academy Registration

To reserve and hold your space in any of our classes we require a non-refundable deposit of $500. In order to complete your registration and hold your spot, Please contact us at Baroque Beauty Center Academy 702.838.6922 or email us at with the following information:

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