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Electric Muscle Stimulation (E.M.S.)

  • Lose Inches
  • Flatten Abs
  • Tighten Buttocks
  • Tone Thighs
  • Reshape Obliques
  • Strengthen Back Muscles
  • Increase Circulation
  • GREAT for back pain and muscle tension
  • GREAT for Body Builders and Athletes

What is E.M.S.?

E.M.S. or Electric Muscle Stimulation is a revolutionary muscle exercise concept,  scientifically proven to exercise your body muscles fast and effectively.

Our E.M.S. units deliver a gentle impulse to your muscles via a soft rubber pad. Your muscles respond to this impulse by contracting and relaxing rhythmically as they would during regular physical exercise. Your muscles are worked without putting stress on your joints, knees, lower back, neck or shoulders etc.

Our Personal Body Enhancers have been designed for use by both men and women. These user-friendly units take the hard work out of exercise, still allowing you to firm, tone, build up muscle and trim off those unwanted extra inches. You can do a complete body workout or you can just work on those problem areas (abdominals, love handles, thighs, buttocks etc.)

Is E.MS. safe to use?

Yes, E.M.S. is safe to use and has been used by physicians, physiotherapists, and chiropractors for decades. In recent years it has become widely used in health clubs, spas, and salons for firming and toning muscle.

What are the benefits of E.M.S.?

E.M.S., while exercising muscles, also stimulates the circulation in the treatment area. This enhanced blood flow tones up the skin and clears away natural subcutaneous debris. The physical effect is to make you feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated for long after each session. E.M.S. really does improve the condition and performance of body muscles, and this means that you fell healthier, springier and less prone to fatigue. In this respect, E.M.S. gives similar benefits to those obtained by doing regular sessions of press-ups, knee bends, and other floor exercises. Now just sit back and let E.M.S. work you out while you surf the net!

Can I lose weight with E.M.S.?

You will lose inches not weight using E.M.S. It is a passive exercise and as such will not burn calories. E.M.S. is designed specifically for toning, firming, building and tightening slack muscles. We have units that are designed to increase muscle density, vascularity, and hardness. Remember, no amount of dieting can affect figure faults due to poor muscle tone. Many women and men have been badly disappointed when their diet discipline fails to improve their sagging rear view.

When will I see results?

You will feel better after your first few sessions. Visible results should be seen within four to six weeks, depending on the condition of your muscles and your body physiology when you start your sessions. Daily 20-30 minute sessions are recommended for the first 3-6 weeks and 2-3 sessions a week thereafter.

How long will the results last?

E.M.S. results, like any form of exercise, are never permanent unless you do something to maintain them. You should be able to maintain your results with 2-3 sessions per week.

Is E.M.S. good for post pregnancy?

Yes, E.M.S. is specifically designed to tighten and tone slack postnatal bulges). CAUTION: Do not start treatments for approximately 6 weeks after delivery. Very gentle contractions are recommended to start, gradually building up intensity over several treatments. Remember E.M.S. does not burn calories postnatally, so do not increase your calorie intake.

I have been dieting, will E.M.S. help me?

Yes, E.M.S. is ideal for firming and toning your muscles as your body weight is reducing.

I need to reduce my waistline… will E.M.S. help?

Yes. Many shapeless waistlines are blamed on being overweight when the real problem is lack muscle tone. Poor muscle tone allows the waist line to bulge outward and drop down onto the pelvic girdle. Vigorous exercise of the abdominal muscles literally pulls the body back into shape, firming up flabbiness and tightening up unsightly bulges.

Will E.M.S. help my hips buttocks and tights?

Yes. Today women wear pants almost as often as skirts, therefore a smooth line on hips and buttocks is essential for any fashion-conscious girl. Bulging hips and drooping buttocks can be dramatically improved by E.M.S. exercise of the muscles that control these body areas. “Jodhpur” thighs can ruin the effect of the nicest clothes and slack muscle tone is often the cause. The Strong exercise of the long thigh muscles causes them to tighten in and shorten in length, thus pulling the thigh contours back into shape.

Can E.M.S. be used for body building?

Yes. E.M.S. is a valuable tool in bodybuilding training and has a positive influence on muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy.

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