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Your eyebrows may be your most important facial feature! All your emotions and expressions come through your eyebrows shape and coloring. You can appear happy, youthful, tired, sad, or angry depending on the way they are groomed. Choose perfect brows and let our professional artists help you achieve the beautiful look you desire.

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The Powder eyebrows technique, applied with a digital machine, will create an even fuller, powdery looking brow, similar to the polished look you have when filling in your brows with powder at home. This look provides an additional soft definition to beautifully accentuate your eyes.

Current Prices

Powder/Ombre Eyebrows$450.00
Powder/Ombre Eyebrows
4-6 weeks following touch up
Not refundable (will be applied to the final cost)
Additional Touch Up 1-3 months after the previous touch up$200.00
Alina Baroque

Licensed Aesthetician

Microblading and Permanent Makeup Master and Educator