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Can Permanent Makeup Be Corrected?

The best way to obtain attractively, safely-applied permanent makeup is to carefully select a qualified and experienced specialist. Unfortunately, many consumers choose a technician based on a low price or convenient location and later regret that choice. Although permanent makeup will fade over time, inferior work can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, in many cases, permanent makeup mistakes can be corrected or at least improved.

Permanent Makeup Correction Techniques

Technicians at Baroque Beauty Center can correct other technicians’ poor work on a regular basis. If pigment removal is not necessary, she can improve the tattooed makeup using color correction and tattooing techniques:

  • Color Adjustment: This technique is used when the shape of the eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip liner tattoo is good but the color is poor such as orange, blue, or purple. A corrective pigment color is implanted (tattooed) over the faded makeup to “neutralize” it toward a more natural shade. Usually, the improvement is immediately noticeable, but it may take several weeks for the correction color to heal and stabilize to the desired result. Also, more than one appointment for corrective color micropigmentation may be necessary to achieve the best-healed coverage.
  • Shape Adjustment: Sometimes the shape of permanent eyebrows or lip liner is not “terrible” yet it would look better with a few changes. In these cases, additional makeup tattooing might improve the shape, symmetry or balance of uneven permanent eyeliner or eyebrows. The tattooing necessary to correct the eyebrows or eyeliner may increase their thickness, so your technician will demonstrate the changes first with temporary pencil. She and her patient will then decide together on the next step to achieve the best looking results. If the extra tattooing will not look good, then some of the old pigment must be removed first before proceeding with micropigmentation.

Incorrect Method to Repair Permanent Makeup

Warning: There are many poorly trained and inexperienced technicians who make mistakes. If a technician has made an error on your face, DO NOT let her “fix it” by tattooing over with flesh-colored pigment. An opaque (“cloudy”) pigment must be used to cover the darker permanent makeup. That will look unnatural because your skin will lose its translucency (transparency). Also, the pigment color may not closely match your skin tone. In addition, if you decide later to have it removed by a laser, the laser will turn the flesh-colored pigment black. The best options for repairing permanent makeup mistakes are cosmetic tattooing for color and design adjustment and/or one of the removal methods.

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Alina Baroque

Licensed Aesthetician

Microblading and Permanent Makeup Master and Educator