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Looking for fuller, more beautiful lips? We offer both: Full Lip Color and Lip Liner!

The key to sexy, smudge-free lips and a more confident smile…

There is no other makeup ritual that has to be done over and over again as reapplying lipsticks, liners, and glosses. Semi-Permanent Lip Liner and Tinting can free you from the nuisance of reapplying lipstick continuously throughout the day.

Lip Lining and Tinting shape and defines your natural lip line as well as enhances your natural lip color giving your lips a healthy, sexy appearance.

Lip Liner & Tinting is Best for…

This procedure is especially good for those people with a natural lip color so similar to their face color that they appear washed out without lipstick on, as well as those who have uneven or undefined lips. Busy professionals, parents, travelers, sports oriented or outdoors-loving people rave about how this procedure has changed their lives and freed up hours of their time.

Lip Liner & Tinting Procedure…

Your expert Baroque Beauty Center Permanent Makeup Artist is ready to design your perfect lip color and shape.

To start with, your technician will look at your face and lip shape and advise you of where your lip line should be. With a vast array of pigments, he/she will custom blend the perfect shade for you. Color and shape will be filled in with a pencil and once you have chosen the perfect look for you, lay back and let them do their magic.

Numbing will be done with a topical anesthetic for minimum discomfort, and then your technician will use a special micropigmentation pen to artistically create your new perfect lips. This procedure lasts 1-3 years with no downtime after.

Current Prices

Lip Liner
Lip Shaper
Full Lips$600.00
Full Lips - 3D Volume$700.00
*Touch Up (6-8 weeks after the initial procedure) is included.
* Additional Touch Up (1-3 months after the previous touch up) 50% off from the initial price.

Different Types of Lip Liner and Tinting

Licensed Aesthetician

Microblading and Permanent Makeup Master and Educator