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It’s more than a treatment, it’s an art.

Eyes are the windows to your soul and what better way to make them stand out then permanent eyeliner expertly applied by an artist at Baroque Beauty Center? Wearing eyeliner and taking it off on a daily basis can be difficult, annoying and time-consuming. How many of you have tried countless times to draw two perfect wing-tipped eyes that match? Allow our amazing artists at Baroque Beauty Center to make your life easier.

We will consult with you to help you choose a timeless eyeliner design that best fits your face and lifestyle. We will advise you on what size, shape, and thickness will best accentuate your natural features. You will let us know if you want your semi-permanent eyeliner applied to your upper, lower, or both lids. We will begin by drawing your eyeliner on with a pencil before we apply your final look through a technique using a state of the art Nouveau Contour machine.  We will make your daily routine faster, with beautiful semi-permanent eyeliner that will never smudge or rub off your skin.


Whether you are looking for a subtle contour to accent your eyes or a more dramatic eye look, our team at Baroque Beauty Center can do it all. Our technicians will consult with you to help you choose the best look for you. The thicker the liner the more dramatic your look will be. Make sure you take enough time to pick the style you want to have every day. Think about how you wear your makeup every day, remember you can always add makeup to your permanent eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

For people that want to add extra definition to their eyes without an eyeliner look, we recommend:


This fantastic procedure is a great way for both men and women to add subtle definition to your eyes done with the state of the art Nouveau Contour machine. It can be created as a thin line that is just on the lash area, not the eyelid or as a dot at the base of each eyelash. This is a great way to make your eyes look like they pop naturally.

Baroque Beauty Center’s artists are Certified Nouveau Contour Micropigmentation Technicians. Our technicians are highly skilled who are passionate about what they do. Your beauty is their number one concern.


Eyelash Enhancement is a fantastic, semi-permanent makeup procedure, designed to add extra definition to your eyes without an eyeliner look. The pigment is placed between the lashes at the root to give the illusion that the lashes are thicker and darker than they actually are, while retaining a soft look.

This procedure is ideal for both men and women.

EYELINER (DEPENDS ON THICKNESS AND COMPLEXITY) Whether you’re looking for a subtle contour to accentuate your eyes or a more dramatic designed look, we are here to help.

We will customize the shape, color and technique to obtain the desired results.


This is an amazing semi permanent makeup procedure that combines a defined eyeliner with beautiful eyelid shading. The shape and intensity are customizable and can be done in one or more colors, depending on client preferences.


With this semi permanent makeup technique, we can shade your eyelids creating a gradual ombre effect without the eyeliner look. The shape and intensity are customizable and can be done in one or more colors, depending on client preferences.

Expect light to moderate swelling and redness in and around the treated area. Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure and 48 hours after. Have sunglasses readily available, eyes may be light sensitive immediately after the procedure.  Do not dye, perm or use eyelash curlers for two weeks. Avoid mascara and makeup until the area is completely healed. Upon wearing mascara once again we recommend using a new tube for sanitation purposes.

Baby Eyeliner / Eyelash Enhancement / Decorative Eyeliner

Day 1: The liner should be cleaned with lightly moistened cotton pads avoiding excessive pressure (i.e. 30 minutes after the procedure and then once every hour for the next 4 hours).

Day 2-10: Continue cleaning several times a day without undue pressure using slightly dampened cotton pads. If an extreme sensation of tension is experienced, a thin layer of ointment (Vaseline, Aquaphor, or Grapeseed oil) can be applied.

Shading Eyeliner:

Day 1: The Liner should be cleaned without excessive pressure with lightly moistened cotton pads (i.e. 30 minutes after the procedure and then once every hour for the next 4 hours).

Day 2-10: Clean the liner several times daily without pressure with slightly moistened cotton pads. DO NOT use cosmetic care products as the pixel effect of the shading technique may be lost.

Touch Up: 6-8 Weeks After initial procedure (if needed)

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive after your scheduled appointment time, it may not be possible to extend the time available for your booked service: if your service is shortened due to your late arrival you will be charged the full cost of the service.

Your appointments are very important to the Team Members at Baroque Beauty Center. The time allocated for your appointment is reserved specifically for you! Of course, we do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, therefore we respectfully request at least a 48-hour notice for all adjustments to your appointment as well as cancellations.

Please understand that when you forget, reschedule or cancel your appointment without giving us enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. Since the services are reserved for you personally, a cancellation fee will apply.